While our expertise is of a corporate quality, our approach and style is personal. We invest ourselves in the outcome for you, not just the process that performs the task. We’re very direct in our approach – we call a spade a spade. Life’s too short to beat around the bush.

How we do what we do?

As a boutique firm, we restrict our clientèle to levels that enable us to be immersed in adding value to your business. We always prefer to have a long-term relationship with our clients. We know that this only happens
when we consistently deliver value every time we meet. So, we have refined our techniques and skillset to ensure we’re effective – for you.

Here’s what others say about us...

“We've worked closely with Grant in his capacity as a Virtual CFO for our business. His advice has been timely, insightful and immediately applicable. It's been a revelation to us that we can use the information locked in our accounts to better predict and plan for growth. Instead of just looking at the previous year's figures to work out how much tax we owe, we now know what drives our business performance and how we can proactively create better results. Needless to say, I highly recommend the Virtual CFO program that Grant offers to anyone in business for themselves”

James McGoram Chief Digital Advisor at digitaladvisor.nz

“I am a business owner with a previous background in accounting and software development (accounting/forecasting software) , so I have been through a number of business "coaches" trying to find someone who knows more than I do to pinpoint the issues I was having in my business. I even voiced this fact at our initial meeting. Even from the first meeting there has been a "richness" in the quality of information provided, both from a "big picture"/strategic direction to a detailed process to pinpoint relevant "moment by moment" issues. Highly recommended (and probably saved my bacon with a couple of points!)”

Martin Thompson Owner Return 2 Health

“Grant's ability to quickly understand our business and the required stages meant there was little wasted time spent on familiarising him with our objectives. I found the structured approach to the discussions resulted in tangible outcomes, with specific tasks to achieve post session. Grant is very realistic in terms of our start-up budget restrictions and is careful to suggest requirements in strict priorities of cost and resource. I would highly recommend Grant's services.”

Brett Forsyth Managing Director at GymGuru

“Grant has a keen intellect, deep analytical skills and unwavering integrity. He has a great ability to analyse complex situations quickly and calmly and to provide guidance and advice that can provide significant benefit and value. Bringing these attributes together with Grant's disciplined, educated and soundly experienced approach to his profession make Grant a rare find in the field of business consultancy.”

Barry O’Brien Executive Director at Enterprise Recruitment

“I've introduced Grant to clients of mine for a number of years now as well as using him as a sounding board for my own business. I find his strategic approach very grounded and well thought through but also 'outside the square' when required - not common in someone with such a strong accounting background. Thanks so much Grant for your help so far”.

Jesse Chalmers Managing Director at Chalmers Organics

“What Grant offered was unique. Similar values to us, trying to set up companies to do their own thing, he’s not there to charge exorbitant rates forever more and have us rely on him. He’s there to make New Zealand business’s more successful generally. He responds quickly, and gets the basic stuff right as well as the big overview. Grant knows what he's talking about, his advice is always good. We have confidence in Grant, everything he recommends we know will be well thought out. We think that everyone should work with him. Stop what you’re doing and do this.”

"I found the structured approach to the discussions resulted in tangible outcomes, with specific tasks to achieve post session. I would highly recommend Grant's services.”
Brett Forsyth, Managing Director at GymGuru
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