Because today's actions produce tomorrow's sales, and tomorrow's sales is next week's cashflow, our Virtual CFO proactively supports the CEO extract the optimal financial performance by identifying the non-financial drivers of financial results, and how to extract the best from them.

Virtual CFO

Today's actions create tomorrow's results.


  • being able to control the factors that drive business success to engineer your financial position (without having to resort to creative accounting!).
  • your team never missing budget, and so not having to fight the cashflow fires that result from missing performance targets.

When you understand the drivers of your businesses performance, you can.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)noun. Primarily responsible for financial planning and reporting to higher management following analysis of data into decisive information. The CFO typically reports to the chief executive officer and to the board of directors. The CFO  directly assists on all strategic and tactical matters as they relate to financial performance.

Surprisingly perhaps, most business performance drivers are non-financial. But they all manifest themselves one way or another in your financials...and in your bank balance. From your financials we help you reverse-engineer your business to;

  • identify the drivers of business performance,
  • how you can change these drivers, proactively, and
  • monitor performance to KPIs with a dashboard that keeps your finger on the pulse.

All our clients can read. But what they are hungry for is someone who can interpret the results in a way that helps them uncover how they can be even better in business than they already are. You don't have to hire an expensive overhead - just contract our Virtual CFO with over 22 years advising growing businesses (and has walked the talk in his own businesses) to get what every successful business has...a financial expert on their team.

Here is what our clients have told us - sound familiar?

“I’ve got someone who does my books in-house, and someone who does my accounts at year-end, but in between…I’m operating from my gut”

“I’m going into territory which makes me nervous and I need a tighter handle on how we’re tracking.”

“I know I have to be on top of my numbers, but I just don’t know what to do with them once I’ve got them.”

“I’ve got to be focused on driving my business forward, I can’t spend hours reading reports – give me a snapshot”

“I’m stressed. Things aren’t as they should be; something is not right. I’m good at what I do, so what’s going wrong?”

“My accountant tells me I’m making profit, but where is it?”

“I need someone to have my back”

Don't put it off any longer - get in control of your destiny.

It's been a revelation to us that we can use the information locked in our accounts to better predict and plan for growth.
James McGoram, Chief Digital Advisor at
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