Business is about performance improvement. Accounting captures information about your performance which, in the right hands, can be used can drive improvement. We'll help you unlock the optimum performance from your business.

Annual Accounts

  • Compilation of financial statements for companies, individuals, partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships and trusts.

  • Knowing that the financial statements have been prepared by a chartered accountancy firm provides comfort to shareholders, banks and other stakeholders that the financial results are being reported on a consistent basis and in compliance with relevant taxation and financial reporting regulations.

  • We appreciate that not all business owners know how to interpret a set of financial statements. At Ascension RCA Group, we pride ourselves on being able to explain complex financial information in plain every day language to our clients.

It's been a revelation to us that we can use the information locked in our accounts to better predict and plan for growth.
James McGoram, Chief Digital Advisor at
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